Lets Get Real Series Messy Cabinet Clean Up

Ok ladies.  I pondered on if I should share this post or not. It is simply showing my messy cabinet and what I did with it. It is nothing amazing by no means and not Pinterest worthy. But in this Pinterest perfect era with live in where some of us ( Ahhem….me) feel the pressure of blogging perfect projects and prefect pictures I decided to do a series where it is not Pinterest worthy or perfect looking ON PURPOSE! Heck I didn’t even use the same size labels nor care how perfect my hand writing was on the labels you will see below.  Deep down you see I am a perfectionist. It is something I try not to let control me but me control it! So anyhow, I will give you a peek into my messy cabinet & how I frugally handled the mess. I want to be real in my sharing lol. No fake and no staged pretty pretties.
A lot was stuffed in this cabinet look below!! LOL
Here is my mess all pulled out of the cabinet. It has not been cleaned out since we moved in this apartment a year and a half ago! There was actually more stuff than is shown here. A lot was stuffed in those tiny shelves of that corner cabinet. I typically housed tea items, coco,drink mixes & baking supplies in there. Some of the stuff I found in there expired back in 2018! What!

To be honest this wasn’t all of it either there was more, this is all that would fit in the picture.

I wanted some way to organize what I didn’t throw out from the purging and I wanted to do it cheaply.  You also don’t need many tools and I personally did with just my quality wire stripper. So I headed to the good ol’ Dollar Tree. They had these cute deep containers. They also had some cute matching little lock lid boxes to go with it. So all for only 8 dollars I got all I needed. After pulling all of the junk out I washed the inside of the cabinets well too.

I used the little lock lid boxes for random herbal pre-sealed tea bags of different assortments. I used the second one for random different types of sugar packets I had. I used all the boxes to break up each category to organize all the items in groups for easy & fast grabbing without digging.

I loved these boxes because I could use them as pull out drawers. I put all the ones in the back of the cabinet we do not use so often and placed the top 3 categories we use towards the front for easy fast retrieval. And for 8 bucks full all of it was not bad, not bad at all. 

Does it look perfect? Nope. But it is way more functional than all that junk crammed in there was. It was a nightmare trying to go in that tiny thing to get something and you would have to dig for it. My family has now thanked me a few times for this new improvement this week already. And,really that’s what it is all about, making this house more functional & enjoyable for them. 

I love the options our local Dollar Tree offers in affordable organizational tools! It helps us homemakers to save & make our job fun. I highly recommend going through your forgotten cabinets and throwing out what is no longer any good and organizing them with these cute affordable containers!

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Viva la revolution! (NO MORE GREEN JUICE).

I would argue that January is, in fact, the perfect time to eat a lot more and do a lot less. Like, I’m talking more than you ate at Christmas and less than you did in those few days before New Year’s Eve when your brain function was so low you couldn’t remember the names of members of your own family.

I implore you: don’t take up HIIT training or buy a billion pound juicer, join my revolution.

The relaxation revolution. Where we say no to diets and exercise for the entire month of January, and embrace the warm, cosy cocoon of an evening on the sofa, binge-watching Making a Murderer with a glass of wine and a huge slice of cheesecake, and moaning as much as is humanly possible in the hours that the law of time permits about how shit the weather is and how many days it is until Christmas 2016.

January sucks. Gone are the twinkly lights and promise of mulled wine and upon us are grey mornings and luke-warm cups of tea (that you probably forgot about because you were so distracted by how miserable you are). We’re all back at work, which is tough, let’s face it, and frankly the last thing I want to do when I get home is change into lycra and return to the cold outdoors for a run. No, I want to eat a steaming pile of cheesy pasta and be asleep by 9pm.

Make the most of the thick knits that cover your bulging bellies so tenderly and effectively, dear readers. And another tip for you: big scarves that cover your entire front section (technical term) are fantastically handy when you’re feeling particularly bloated.

Rather than spend money on a gym membership and a nutribullet, I’ve invested in a new pair of Trackie Bs that are SOFTER THAN CLOUDS and intend to constantly restock my cupboards with mini eggs from now until Easter. It’s in my weekly budget people. This shit is real. (more…)

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Can you really live Danishly in London?

Hygge (“hoo-gah”). The art of building sanctuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive. To create well-being, connection and warmth. A feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other. Celebrating the everyday.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed my current obsession with all things Scandinavian, which has been partially inspired by a wonderful book called The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell. Their simple, contemporary design, focus on comfort and ABUNDANCE OF PASTRIES, makes it a very Claire-friendly nation. I was smitten by the first page.

At the beginning of her tale, Helen Russell is a glossy magazine editor living in London; fully immersed in the dawdler-despising big city but feeling somewhat dissatisfied. An opportunity arises when her husband is offered a job in dark, cold Denmark, so they pack up their London flat, don their winter warmers and hop on a plane, embarking on a year of learning, experimenting and fully embracing the art of Living Danishly.

I read about hygge and Helen’s first taste of a real Danish pastry while I was travelling to work with a fellow commuter’s crotch pressed against my forearm. I learned that in Denmark people clock off work at 4pm to spend time with their families. I learned that their citizens can voluntarily leave their job in search of a more fulfilling path and their government will pay them 90% of their salary for up to two years. I learned that people leave their babies outside restaurants while they eat because there is such a high level of trust in their fellow man. I learned that they embrace their long, sub-zero winters by lighting a lot of candles and snuggling up under blankets. I learned that I could really get on board with a Danish way of life.

But, unfortunately (in some ways) I live in London. And can one really live Danishly in London? When you get a badge of honour for staying at your desk till 9pm or answering an email at midnight on a Friday.

Even though we don’t have the same social security or levels of trust (because, let’s be honest, if I left my bike unlocked and turned around to tie my shoelaces I would probably be wishing I had the insurance I decided I couldn’t afford), perhaps the Danish state-of-mind is something we can adopt. The art of hygge is what particularly interests me. It is, essentially, how I want to live my life, and it’s nice to have a word for it. (more…)

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